What is Theosis?

  • Let us become like Christ, since he became like us. Let us become gods for his sake, since for our sakes he became human. He took upon himself the worst, so that he might give us the best. He became poor that we, through his poverty, might become rich. He became a slave so that we might regain our freedom. He descended so that we might be exalted. He was tempted so that we might be victorious. He was shamed so that he might glorify us. He died so that he might save us. He ascended so that he might draw us who were in the depths of sin up to himself. Let us give and offer all to him who fully gave himself as a ransom and redemption for us. For no one, understanding this Mystery, can give anything but oneself and become for his sake all that he became for ours. – Saint Gregory Nazianzen

Theosis Promo

  • Here is the Theosis Promo if you would like to listen to it or include it in your own podcasts.

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  • The music for the Theosis podcast and promo is Lord, I Cry Unto Thee by the Kiev Seminary Choir and Christ is Risen by the St. Eliyah Children's Choir both available via Magnatunes.